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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Lunar shots

I have been working on a few projects over the past couple of months, a couple of birthday parties, a book and a year long project charting a babys development. one phto a week for 12 months to create a lasting montage. I will post it when I finnish. another project I am currently working onj is a lunar phase photo. to complete this I am taking a photo per day of the moon then creating a montage of the phases of the moon. we are on day 14 of a 28 day journey.
The moon is quite easy to photograph, I am using a 55-250 lens, on a canon 30D, shutter settings were F9, 1/250 sec, this has changed the past couple of mornings as the moon is rising later and the shy is already light, now approx F5.6, and 1/400 sec.

I also managed a good one with some cloud cover.