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Monday, July 28, 2014

It has been a busy few days getting images catalogued, keyworded and uploaded to shutterstock.
there are a few new images available from the china trip. some of my favourites were deemed not needed for the stock catalogue, that is ok. i am still happy with them and they will make the book of the year this year, I'm sure.
I publish a book each year of my favourite photos, its in A4 and is a great coffee table addition and talking point when visitors notice it.
here are a few which never made the cut.
The summer palace boating on the Lake

the Great wall, smog covered

outside the world trade centre Beijing at Dusk

A street vendor with sugar coated strawberries

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Shanghai, wedding day

These posts are a bit out of order as I have been back a while.
We also visited shanghai, along the Pudong, there appears to be several weddings a day, or brides just love it for their wedding albums, the most prominent color for wedding dresses also appears to be red. At first I thought they we re fashion shoots, but the more we travelled up and down they were all weddings, here are a couple of my shots of the big day...... whilst travelling on an open top tour bus.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

The new web site is up and running so I thought I would re-vitalise the Blog. It is amazing it has been so long since the last post.
Today's post is about the Great wall.
On a recent visit to china, I was a bit disappointed that Beijing was covered in smog with readings in the high 300s and one day over 400, we were told the safe level was 150. Not sure what all the numbers meant but suffice to say on the day over 400, breathing was not s much more difficult rather you had to clean out your nose on returning to the hotel a bit more thoroughly.
The up side was the light.
The sunlight was filtered and dappled so reducing harsh shadows during the day.
this led to some eerie images. Beijing is a beautiful city with great heritage. it was a pleasure to see and photograph the buildings but I should have worn a mask....
The first two images were taken at 10:00am looking at the sun through the smog.
The next three are images on the great wall